Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A new year!!

I did finish a hundred books last year. Granted, there was a lot of cheating involved and comic books might feature a bit too predominantly. But I reached a number and I am proud. I am a 100 books older and a little bit wiser. And I learned about the Reign of Terror (hey, it is different here, we read a lot about the Mughals and how dreadful the British were to us. Quiz us about the Second World War. We can usually name Hitler. And spell the Holocaust. But quiz us about Big Bang Theory and we have it pat down. Leonard, you are going into a lifetime of boredom. Leave Penny and marry an interesting Sociology major who watches Doctor Who on the sly) and some nice non-Bible Biblical tales I enchant my friends with while we drag our sorry, overweight bodies uphill.

Anyway, here is a new year and some more book resolutions. And this time, it is serious. Now that I am aware I can almost finish a 100 books, and not anymore really, a 100 books takes a lot from me, I would like a little more system in my reading patterns. Thus, we go into my favourite pattern of writing. The bullet points!

  • I am halfway into A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson and no one could be more surprised than I am on how much I am actually enjoying it. This is my first foray into Non-Fiction. And it is Non-fiction on Science. Which includes Physics. But nothing makes Physics more palatable than power hungry scientists, tales of woe and ever-impending doom. It perhaps also implies that I might be growing up into a slightly more boring adult. But the first step has been taken. So my first book resolution is to read more non-fiction.
  • I will be incredibly systematic. I will make tables and do pie charts and be the envy of the blog world with my accountancy skills. I do not have accountancy skills. So my second book resolution is to keep track of books I read like an accountant.
  • I will be more courageous. I quake at the thought of reading hard books. But I read a couple of books this year which would make anybody quake. 2012 saw me embrace fantasy and become a Game of Throne-ian. I also forayed slightly into sci-fi and consumed Neil Gaiman with a fork. Hence, this year, I will take up good books. And not fear them. Philip Roth, I am looking at you. I DO NOT FEAR YOU. Toni Morrison, we shall speak later.
  • Ah, Cultural Diversity. Being an Indian almost ensures that I read a lot of Indian English writers. But a few more countries than the big three perhaps? I know almost nothing of the Hispanic countries. Thus, my last resolution is to read more culturally. If you can't be a globe trotter, read like one.
Thus begins 2013. A lot of hope and excitement. And a bunch of books on the to-be-read shelf. A hundred more books to the next year.

And less Archie Comics, dear Lord.

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